eCorp Series: Invoices and Payments

The ‘Invoices and Payments’ tab gives our clients insight into their current accounts with the Registry.

To pay an outstanding invoice, please select the ‘Unpaid Invoices’ section and add the invoice you wish to pay to the cart by clicking the cart symbol on the right. In ‘View Cart’ you will see the list of invoices to be paid. Please select the payment method from the drop down menu.

By selecting the credit card payment option you will be re-directed to the credit card payment page. Once the payment has been made successfully, you should receive an automatic transaction receipt by email listing all the details. The Registry’s records will be instantly updated as well.

The drawdown account is a great option when you have multiple entities and require several document issuances to be done. The document issuances can be done easier this way and you will be spared of making several single payments for each activity. In the ‘Deposit Into Drawdown Account’ you may enter the desired amount to add to your drawdown account which will then again be visible in your cart for payment. The drawdown account will then be a payment option to select when paying for outstanding invoices.

You are also welcome to make payments via online banking of course. In such cases, we kindly ask you to confirm full details of your payment including a swift copy to us via e-mail, to ensure a correct and prompt application once the payment is received.

For more information regarding the issuance of a Statement of Account, showing the current financial statuses of your handled entities, please see the earlier blog post on this topic.