1. What is a shelf company?

A shelf company is a ready-made, never used corporation created to meet a client’s immediate need. Shelf companies are available and can be purchased through any of Registry’s Regional Offices. Generally the cost of a shelf corporation consists of the incorporation fee and a total amount of all annual invoices, if any.

Contact corporate@liscr.com for a list of available shelf corporations.

2. Who can be an incorporator of a Corporation?

To facilitate prompt incorporation, The LISCR Trust Corporation usually acts as the incorporator (or incorporator and subscriber) to the Articles of Incorporation. However, it is also possible for the Articles of Incorporation to be prepared, subscribed, and legalized by the person requesting the formation. In the latter scenario, a draft of the Articles of Incorporation must be provided to any of the Registry’s Regional Offices for review. Please contact corporate@liscr.com.

3. . What is the Address of Record of a Corporation?

The Address of Record (AOR), often referred to as the billing address, is the address provided by the corporation to which the annual invoices and other correspondence are mailed. The Address of Record is the only contact address retained in the records of the Registered Agent. The address is confidential and not available to any third party. Furthermore, the Registry’s Regional Offices can only provide account information, accept documents for filing or a change of address when submitted by the Address of Record, or under its written authorization.

4. What is the Principal Place of Business of a non-resident Liberian Corporation?

The principal place of business of a non-resident Liberian Corporation is the business address of the Corporation, which can be located anywhere in the world except Liberia. The principal place of business may be different than the Corporation’s Address of Record.

5. What is the standard share structure/authorized capital of a Corporation?

The authorized capital of a standard Liberian Corporation is 500 registered shares without par value or up to US$50,000 of the total par value of shares. The par value may be of any currency.

6. What are the requirements regarding directors of a Corporation?

A Corporation must have at least one (1) director. Directors may be of any nationality and may be corporations, or other legal entities.

7. What are the requirements regarding officers of a Corporation?

A Liberian Corporation shall be managed by its board of directors, but it operates through its officers, not the director(s). It is the officers of the Corporation that execute the decisions taken by the director(s) and have the power to sign documents on behalf of the Corporation within a scope of the instructions and authorization given by the Board of Directors as well as the bylaws of the Corporation. This includes documents submitted for filing with the Liberian Registry. Therefore, Liberian Corporations are required to have at least two officers. Typically the officer’s titles are: President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The same person may hold two (2) or more “officer” titles. The officers may be individuals or legal persons of any nationality.

8. What are the Bylaws?

Corporate Bylaws contain regulations, define the rights and obligations of shareholders, directors and officers, and provide rules of corporate governance. There is no requirement to file corporate Bylaws with the Registry. Voluntary filings are permitted.