Shelf Companies

A Shelf Company is a Liberian non-resident corporation with an earlier date of incorporation. To request a Shelf Company, please e-mail and specify the following details so a suitable match can be located:

1. The earliest and latest dates of incorporation;
2. The type of Articles of Incorporation (Standard, Shipping, or 28 Powers); and
3. The number of initial Board of Directors (One or Three)

Generally, the cost for a Shelf Company consists of one standard incorporation fee, and one or more annual registration fee, depending on the date of incorporation. A Shelf Company can be reserved for up to one week to permit submission of payment.

The LISCR Trust Company, as Registered Agent, is precluded by due diligence requirements from accepting Shelf Company requests from individuals who are not engaged professionally in company management or acting as a professional advisor, such as ship managers, manning agents, ship owners, as well as trust and company managers, lawyers, accountants, investment companies, etc.,  and the registered agent is performs customer due diligence.