Service of Process

Service of process (a legal notice or demand issued by a court outside of Liberia) will need to be served through the Registered Agent at the corporation’s registered office address, that is, c/o The LISCR Trust Company, 80 Broad Street, Monrovia, Liberia. Legal documents couriered to that address will be forwarded by courier to the corporation’s address on the Trust Company’s records.
Copies of the legal documents emailed to will be forwarded to the corporation by email as a courtesy service and without any obligation or responsibility from The LISCR Trust Company.
However, service of process via email or via mail courier service is not considered by the Liberian law as legally proper. To institute legal proceedings against a Liberian corporation in accordance with the Liberia Code of Laws Revised, Title 1, Civil Procedure Law, legal notices should be served using a ministerial officer of the court in Liberia (and not simply couriered to the Registered Agent). The effective date of service will be that when the papers are correctly served by an Officer of the Court and received by the corporation’s Registered Agent, The LISCR Trust Company in Monrovia. The LISCR Trust Company as Registered Agent will then forward the papers by courier to the corporation at its Address of Record.
We strongly suggest that you contact a Liberian attorney licensed to practice in the Republic of Liberia if the documents shall be served properly on the entity through the Liberian legal system. Following link contains a list of Liberian lawyers located in Monrovia, Liberia. You are welcome to contact one of them or any other Liberian attorney of your choice.
For confirmation of the existence, current status and Registered Agent details of a Liberian nonresident entity please email to request a Certificate of Goodstanding. The cost of the certificate is $150 US.