eCorp Series: Issue Documents

In the ‘Services’ tab, you are able to issue either a Certificate of Incorporation or a Certificate of Goodstanding for your own or any other corporation. When issuing a Certificate for one of your own managed corporations, you will be able to search through them by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

Once you have chosen the corporation from the list, an option for having an Apostille attached (no extra cost) will need to be selected. To finalize, please click the ‘Submit’  button at which time you will be prompted that “The invoice has been added into your Payment Basket”. You may view and pay the invoice in the ‘View Cart’ tab in order for the Certificate to be issued. Once the invoice has been paid, the electronic version of the issued Certificate is viewable immediately. The hardcopy documents will be printed and sent to you by courier via the regional office closest to you.

To issue a Certificate for a corporation which is not under your management, you need to have the exact name of that entity in order for eCorp to find it. If you are having trouble finding the entity, please send us an e-mail for further assistance.