Basic Facts about the Registry

The following are some basic facts concerning the Liberian Corporate Registry:

• Founded in 1948 – 70+ year history
• Commercially tested jurisdiction
• Corporate and LLC Laws based on corporate laws of Delaware
• Recognized worldwide for professionalism and expertise
• Accepted by all major financial institutions
• Global services provided via the world’s premier electronic registry
eCorp© the Corporate Registry’s state-of-the-art, web-based client interface
• Efficient and cost-effective incorporation and document issuance services
• No annual reporting or auditing requirements
• Statutorily exempt from income and withholding taxes in Liberia
• Apostilles and signature acknowledgments are available
• One Exclusive Registered Agent for filings and service of process
• No local physical presence required for Incorporating Agents
• OECD White Listed
• Dual language filings permitted