Share Certificates and Corporate Kits

In general, any activity regarding the issuance, exchange and cancellation of shares is handled by the corporation itself and recorded in the corporation’s share register. The share register is maintained by the corporation. There is no requirement to provide the names of shareholders to the Registry.

Additional information can be found in the Liberian Business Corporation Act. Relevant chapters include Chapter 5, Corporate Finance, chapter 7, Shareholders and Chapter 8, Corporate Records and Reports.

Share Certificates

It is possible to order pre-printed Share Certificates via the Registry.

The share certificates are copy protected and printed on high quality watermarked paper. The printed certificates are completed, dated and signed by the officers of the corporation prior to issuance. These share certificates will not be recorded or remain in the records of The LISCR Trust Company. Corporations can however voluntarily publicly file the names of shareholders with the Registrar or privately record the information with the corporation’s Registered Agent.

Cost:                     Number of certificates :

$200                     1 – 5
$250                     6 – 10
$300                     11 – 20
$350                     21 – 30
$400                     31 – 40

Corporate Kit

It is also possible to order a complete corporate kit. The cost of a corporate kit is $300 payable in advance.

The Corporate Kit includes:

• 20 Customized Stock Certificates printed on high-quality paper 24 lb thickness with watermark, Copy protected certs.
• Corporate Kit Customized Binder
• Stock Transfer Ledger
• Matching Slipcase
• 1 5/8” Corporate Embossing Seal
• Six Position Corporate Tabs


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