Liberian non-resident Corporations are not taxed in Liberia

A non-resident Liberian corporation’s business activities are not taxed in Liberia. As a result, there are no tax numbers assigned to those corporations in Liberia.

Corporations have a Registration Number assigned to them at the time of incorporation. The Registration Number is included in the annual invoices, confirmed in a Certificate of Goodstanding, and stated in all documents currently issued or filed by the Liberian Registry.

Liberian non-resident corporations may be subject to taxes at their place of business or where they conduct business outside Liberia.

A Tax Certificate, (click here for a PDF sample) issued through the Registry for the fee of US $200 confirms that income derived from sources outside Liberia is exempt from taxation, if the majority of the voting power of a domestic Corporation is held by foreigners or is nonresident. It will also state that earnings from the operation of the vessels, unless derived exclusively from coastwise operation by resident corporations, are exempt from taxation.

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