Legalization and Filing of Documents by Email

In order to facilitate same day filing, the Registry accepts complete and correct documents for filing via email.
In order to file by email:

• The document must either be sent by the corporation’s Address of Record (AOR)/Billing Address, or the AOR must have advised us to accept the filing from a designated party acting on their behalf (e.g. such as a law firm).
• The corporation must have no outstanding fees and the filing fee must be paid.
• The signatures of the officers signing the document must be legalized (i.e. by Apostille or by Liberian Special Agent).


If the corporation would like a Special Agent to legalize the signature on the document being filed, a color scan of each signer’s passport ID and signature pages shall be provided along with the filing. There is no additional charge for this service.
Upon filing, the corporation’s AOR will receive an electronic copy of the filing with the hard copy being sent the same day by courier service. The filed document will also be available in eCorp under that corporation’s ‘History of Ordered Documents’.
Please contact or call your local LISCR office for more information regarding filing by email, legalization by Special Agent or obtaining access to eCorp.