Minimize your FME registration time!

Registering a Foreign Maritime Entity (FME) with The Liberian Shipping and Corporate Registry can be quick and easy, provided all of the necessary supporting documents of the underlying entity are submitted before the time of registration. The supporting documents necessary for the registration of an FME, in addition to the Registration Application, include:

  • The Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Association
  • Any Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Association
  • A current Certificate of Goodstanding (or its equivalent)

The availability of the above referenced supporting documents can either shorten or extend the time it takes for the registration of an FME. This also applies for the registration of the connecting vessel(s) as the FME must exist before the vessel(s) can be registered. It is important to remember that the supporting documents are the foundation of the FME as they affirm the current and legal existence of the entity in the original jurisdiction.

In summary, unnecessary delays in the registration of FMEs and vessels can be avoided by submitting the FME Registration Application together with the supporting documents to the Corporate Registry for preclearance well before the vessel is registered and the flag is transferred.

Our professional corporate team is always available to assist with questions regarding the FME Registration Application and the supporting documents that are required. Please contact our corporate team to simplify the FME registration process at