Information on updating your share certificates

Share certificates of a Liberian corporation may have the authorized capital of the corporation printed on the face of the certificate, along with other required information such as par value and the number of shares the relevant certificate represents.

We would like to remind you that when a corporation has filed Articles of Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation to change its authorized capital by:

• eliminating bearer shares and replacing them with registered shares;
• increasing the number of authorized shares;
• creating classes of shares; or
• changing a par value of the shares,

the Corporation may consider replacing outstanding stock certificates with new certificates reflecting the relevant changes mentioned in the Articles of Amendment. If the Articles of Amendment were filed to eliminate the issuance of bearer shares to registered shares, the new stock certificate must contain the name of the registered holder.

The LISCR Trust Company offers to issue pre-printed share certificates for a fee. If you would like to do so, please click here for information as well as our request form. The information provided for printing of share certificates will not be recorded with the Registry or the Registered Agent.