Clarification of the meaning of “Domestic Corporation” and “Foreign Corporation”


All Liberian corporations incorporated under the Liberian Law, the Business Corporation Act, either resident corporations (doing business in Liberia) or nonresident corporations (doing business anywhere in the world with exception to Liberia), are domestic Liberian corporations. Corporations formed under laws of a foreign jurisdiction (other than Liberia) are foreign corporations.


All domestic corporations (resident and nonresident) and foreign corporations authorized to business in Liberia are required to keep complete books and records for a minimum of five years (in accordance with Section 8.1 of the Liberian Business Corporation Act, Associations Law, as amended on May 5, 2016).


Domestic nonresident corporations shall keep their records at any designated place outside Liberia, usually at the principle place of business. At any time the Registrar may request records which shall deem necessary to ensure that the corporation is in compliance with the applicable law.


The Amendment to the Associations Law can be found on our website.