Marine Money’s 17th Annual Ship Finance Forum


Marine Money’s 17th Annual Ship Finance Forum was held Wednesday, November 9th 2016, at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The main subject of this seminar were strategies & structures for raising and investing capital in the current shipping market.


Hilary Spilkin, Managing Director of the Liberian Registry, and Hara Gisholt, the Liberian Registry’s VP of Business & Legal Affairs, attended the forum and were able to bring back with them useful insight into the world of marine economics, ship financing as well as current developments in the offshore sector.


After the delegates luncheon, which was graciously sponsored by the Liberian Registry, Mrs. Gisholt introduced the subsequent keynote speaker, Mr. Jay Goodgal from Castalia Advisors LLC, who addressed the subject whether or not the shipping markets are able to recover without inflation in today’s situation.


Further information can be found directly on Marine Money’s website.