Elizabeth Goralski Celebrates 25 Years with the Registry

Elizabeth Goralski  2014


One of the benefits of Liberia is the stability of the program. This benefit is partly due to the longtime service of many of our employees. Leading the way in the Corporate Registry is Elizabeth Goralski, Senior Corporate Manager. She started working in the Corporate Department just over 25 years ago. During this time she has interacted with a full spectrum of clients from around the globe.


Elizabeth’s vast experiences have made her a valuable repository of Registry information both for staff and clients.


Elizabeth comments about her time at the Registry:

I came aboard the Liberian Registry in July 1989, a few years after emigrating to the US from my native Poland and within a few days of moving to Reston, Virginia. Being new to the area, I started my search for a job that was closely located to the place I was going to call my home for the years to come.


The office of the then Liberian Registry was located just a few blocks away. Shortly after my interview with Mrs. BJ Zenner, the supervisor of the Corporate accounting department, I was accepted as her assistant. BJ was a remarkable person and a great boss. She soon became my personal mentor as well as my best friend. BJ retired years later, but we are still great friends.


What I am today is the result of my 25 years with the Registry that embedded in me the character of having self-discipline, commitment and dedication. I cherish this the most and have a great satisfaction from assisting both my colleagues and our wonderful customers.


I never imagined that after 25 years I am still here working vigorously for the Registry. Since I am still going to be around, you are welcome to contact me anytime you need me.

We are very grateful to have her as our coworker and mentor.