Maritime Regulatory Update – International Wreck Convention


We are pleased to provide this regulatory update for your better understanding of the new IMO Convention, The Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007 (WRC), that is coming into force on 14 April 2015. Action is required by shipowners of all vessels, 300 gross tons and larger, by the aforementioned date to ensure that their vessels are in compliance by obtaining insurance or financial security to cover the liability under the WRC.


Vessel owners of both Liberian flag ships, as well as, ships registered in States that are not party to the WRC, can apply for a Liberian WRC Certificate online directly at or via the application included in our Marine Operations Note (PDF Link). Additional details on the Convention are available in our February 4th regulatory update (PDF Link).


The following countries are parties to this Convention and whose certificates will be valid as of the date the Convention comes into force: Antigua & Barbuda, Bulgaria, Congo, Cook Islands, Denmark, Germany, India, Iran, Liberia, Malaysia, Malta, Marshall Islands, Morocco, Nigeria, Palau and the United Kingdom. Vessels flagged in the abovementioned countries will need to apply for a certificate from their respective flag state. Certificates for bareboat-registered vessels will be issued by the flag the vessel currently flies, if that flag is a Party to the Convention.


Liberia issuing WRC certificates for non-party flag vessels
Liberia has already processed over a thousand WRC certificates for ships registered in States that are not Party to the Convention.


The Convention allows shipowners with ships registered in States that are not Party to the WRC the right to choose the State Party they want to issue WRC certificates, regardless of non-party recommendations. (Convention Article 12-9)


Certificates issued by Liberia for non-Liberian registered vessels not party to the Convention will be recognized by port state authorities. Applicants will receive electronic certificates by email. Clients can alternatively request a hard copy of the certificate. All registry certificates are verifiable online.


We encourage you to contact us at with your questions and requests.


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