eCorp series: Forming of new Corporations

Before the formation of a new corporation can be done, the desired name has to be available and will need to be approved by the Registry. For that matter, please go to the main menu and select ‘Reserve a Name’ in the ‘New Corporations’ tab. Enter the name you wish to reserve and submit.

Reserved names are approved or rejected within a day. A notification will appear on the right side of the homepage once a name is approved or rejected. There is also a list of pre-approved names available for immediate use. Those names are accessible after the incorporation process has begun.

As soon as a name has been approved and reserved for you, you can select ‘Your Reserved Names’ in the ‘New Corporations’ tab in the main menu and click the ‘Go to Incorporate’ button for the according name you wish to incorporate. Please complete the incorporation process. Electronic copies of the corporate documents are available immediately after formation and the hardcopies will be sent via a regional office closest to you.

It is possible to save your incorporation preferences as a template for future use to expedite the formation process.