How to form a Liberian Non-Resident Corporation

The Trust Company will accept formation instructions from any professional user of offshore corporations including ship managers, manning agents, ship owners, as well as trust and company managers, lawyers, accountants, investment companies, etc. In general, The LISCR Trust Company, as Registered Agent, is precluded by due diligence requirements from accepting instructions from individuals who are not engaged professionally in company management or acting as a professional adviser.
The following documents are available for your review:

Instructions and request form for new corporation
Summary of the benefits of Liberia

We can form a Liberian non-resident corporation, generally on the same working day on which we receive your instructions. This service enables you to have the name, share capital, number of initial directors and type of Articles of Incorporation which exactly match your client’s wishes and needs.
The cost of incorporation is $713.50, which includes the first year’s annual registration tax to the Government of Liberia and the annual fee to the Registered Agent. The fee increases if the authorized capital of the corporation exceeds five hundred (500) shares without par value or with a total par value in excess of US$50,000 or its equivalent.
The annual cost of maintaining a Liberian corporation is $450. Annual fees are due on the anniversary of incorporation and are invoiced to the Corporation’s Billing Address supplied at the time of incorporation.
All incorporation documents can either be collected on the day of incorporation from one of the LISCR’s Regional offices or couriered to the requesting party (no extra charge).
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