Confirming the Names of Directors, Officers and Shareholders


There is no requirement for nonresident Liberian corporations to publicly file the names of Shareholders, Directors or Officers. These records are maintained by the corporations themselves. Corporations, via their Address of Record (AOR, also know as the Billing Address), are able to voluntarily File or Record this information.


Corporations can Voluntarily Publicly File information with the Registrar. Voluntarily filed information can include names of directors, officers and shareholders, minutes and resolutions, powers of attorney and most any other information that a corporation may desire to file in support of their business activities. Once filed, third parties can obtain verification of this information by ordering a certified copy.


Alternatively, corporations can also Voluntarily Privately Record information with the corporation’s Registered Agent, The LISCR Trust Company. This option enables corporations to record information while not placing it in the public Register.


Please contact if you would like to order any of the above services or with any questions that you may have. We have instructions and model forms available for public filings with the Registrar and a confidential recording with the Registered Agent. The most commonly requested forms are available on our website here. (Link)