Billing Address Reminder

Liberian corporations are required to provide their billing address to their Registered Agent, The LISCR Trust Company. The billing address, also known as the Address of Record of the corporation, is the only link/contact between the corporation and the Registry.


• Annual invoices for annual statutory fees which are due to the Government of Liberia and fees due to the Registered Agent are billed and mailed to the Billing Address.
• Notices, statements of account, as well as any other correspondence when necessary, are sent there.
• Service of Process submitted to The LISCR Trust Company, as the Registered Agent of the corporation is couriered to the Billing Address.
• Any documents for filing with the Liberian Registry or for recording with the Registered Agent shall be submitted by the corporation’s Billing Address or with a written consent from that address.
• Address of Record details are not available to any third parties.


It is vital that the Billing Address provided by the corporation is correct and current. In addition to the full street address, it shall include the name of the responsible individual, the phone number, fax and email address.
It is equally important that the corporations themselves maintain a good relation with their billing address, with that address to be kept in the internal records and to be known to the corporation’s management.