Certified Service Providers of the Liberian Corporate Registry

The LISCR Trust Company does not act or provide nominee Directors to Liberian Corporations; however, the Corporate Registry has a program to promote active users of the Registry that provide nominee and other such services as ‘Certified Service Providers’.

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our new Certified Service Provider Prudenter Management Consultancies.

PRUDENTER GROUP DUBAI is a group of consultancy firms based in Dubai. Being a firm part of PRUDENTER GROUP DUBAI, Prudenter Management Consultancies’ particular strengths lie in their corporate and commercial law practices paired with their fiduciary services for corporate and private clients.

The PRUDENTER GROUP DUBAI offers following Services:

Corporate Redomiciliation

For more information and for contact details for this and all of our Certified Service Providers, please visit the Certified Service Provider page on our website.