General Rules Regarding Naming Corporations

The following rules apply for naming a Liberian Corporation:


• Names need to be written in English letters or Characters
• Every name needs a corporate ending such as Corp, Inc., Limited, Ltd. S.A., etc.
• Names can include numbers
• Name can be in a foreign language
• Umlauts (ü, ö, ä) are permitted
• Shall not contain any of the following words: ‘chamber of commerce’, ‘building society’, ‘Bank’, ‘insurance’, names of famous Persons or Brands (unless you have the right to use that name) etc…
• Shall not suggest patronage of the Government of Liberia
• May not be the same as an existing name
• May not be offensive or undesirable


Please contact to reserve your names. Names can be reserved for up to 6 months at no charge. Your reserved names will appear in eCorp for your use. If your name includes an abbreviation, please include what the abbreviation stands for in your request.