Address of Record


Every Liberian non-resident corporation is required to provide the Registered Agent with a full address of a professional user of offshore corporations (individual or company) appointed as the billing address, also known as the corporation’s Address of Record (AOR). In addition to the full street address, it shall include the name of the responsible individual, the phone number, fax and e-mail.


The billing address is first provided to the Registered Agent at the time of incorporation (included in the formation application) and can be changed during the life of the corporation. A request to change the AOR to a new person/company shall be sent to LISCR by the billing address currently on record, giving the full details of the new AOR contact details.


The appointment of the professional individual/company as a trusted party to serve as the billing address of the corporation, and therefore, the only verified link/contact between the corporation and the Registry, is an internal matter and the responsibility of the corporation.


The Registered Agent will only accept documents and instructions from the current billing address of the corporation, as well as send invoices and legal notices there exclusively. While documents for filing shall be executed by the officers of the corporation, they do need to be submitted to a LISCR office by the AOR or with a written consent thereof.


It is vital that the billing address provided by the corporation is correct and current. It is equally important that the corporations themselves maintain a good relation with their AOR. Therefore, the address shall be well known to the corporation’s management and shall be kept in the internal records of the corporation.