Certified Service Providers

CSP - 2014

The Liberian Corporate Registry has established a certification program for professional service providers who are active clients of the Registry. The purpose of the program is to allow professional service providers to apply for the status of Certified Service Provider and to promote their services to Liberian non-resident entities on the Registry’s website. The certified service providers’ contact details will be placed on the corporate registry website for Liberian corporations which seek qualified professionals to assist them with their record keeping and other corporate secretarial matters. The designation of Certified Corporate Service Provider will be granted to those clients who qualify with the following requirements:
The service provider

• is qualified to assist in the management and record-keeping requirements of Liberian Associations Law, including for assistance in the preparation of documents for filing with the Registry

• confirms that they have a due diligence (KYC) program established

• agrees to promote the Registry services; and

• agrees to act as Address of Record (AOR)/Billing Address for the entities under their administration.

The agents listed below are available to assist new and existing clients with various corporate and maritime services:


Prudenter Management Consultancies

Mr. Federico Maionchi
• Tel: +971 4 250 1351
• Fax: +971 4 250 1352
• Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
• Serving clients globally




Registry clients who qualify for this certification and would like to join this program are welcome to contact the Managing Director for further information.