About the Registry

The Liberian Corporate Registry has earned international recognition from business investment professionals, financial institutions and corporate secretarial firms for its historical commitment to legal stability, significant investments in advanced information technologies, and devotion to providing first-class corporate services to clients world-wide.


Liberian Corporations are at the core of well-established private and public investments in all major financial sectors resulting in a significant percentage of global business activity being conducted through Liberian corporate entities. Despite the rapidly changing regulatory environment of the offshore corporate sector, Liberia is committed to providing flexibility, confidentiality and security.


Unique Advantages


• 65+ year history – commercially tested legal system
• 24/7 customer support through a world-wide network of full-service offices
eCorp© — the world’s premier electronic corporate registry
• Same day incorporation and document issuance
• Free Apostilles and Acknowledgments
• Bearer shares permitted
• Committed to protecting confidentiality
• Cost efficient formation and administration
• No annual reporting or audits
• Statutorily exempt from Liberian income and withholding taxes
• Exclusive Registered Agent for filings and service of process
• OECD white-listed jurisdiction
• Dual language filings


For additional information on the Registry’s value-added services, please visit the Resources section of the website.


Worldwide Network of Corporate Regional Offices


The Liberian Corporate Registry maintains full-service offices in Dubai, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Monrovia, New York, Piraeus, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Tokyo, Virginia and Zurich. In addition, the Registry is supported by a worldwide network of Liberian representatives and Special Agents who are available to legalize and accept documents for filing. This global infrastructure enables the Registry to provide prompt and efficient, first-class service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Registry also utilizes a secure, web-accessible electronic Register that facilitates the prompt and efficient formation, filing and issuance of documents for corporate entities world-wide.


The LISCR Trust Company, as Registered Agent, is precluded by due diligence requirements from accepting instructions from individuals who are not engaged professionally in company management or acting as a professional advisor.


Private individuals should seek the advice of a professional service provider. Alternatively, please contact corporate@liscr.com to obtain contact details for a preferred provider.


Download Liberian Corporate Registry Brochures


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